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Australian Hunting and Adventure Pack


My Australian Hunting and Adventure pack is the perfect gift for the Aussie Bloke for Birthdays, Fathers Day or Christmas 

5 x DVD pack includes 

1- Bush Beasts -  

The film took over 2 years to produce and features the shocking damage feral animals cause in the Australian wilderness. Bush Beasts is not for children as it features David Ireland culling feral goats and pigs using bow and rifle.

2- Crocodileman- 

David Ireland produced the cinema film Crocodileman back in 1992. The film featured David searching northern Australia for its largest crocodile in the wild. David places his film cage in some of Australia`s most remote rivers in his quest and eventually has an encounter with a man eating crocodile in a horrid place known as the Blood  Drain. The film climaxes when David gets inside his cage in a man made lake with over 100 massive crocs. The film nearly cost David his life.

3 - Wild Boar Attack:

This film was produced back in 2002 and features David helping to cull feral boars on an aboriginal reserve that are killing sheep during a shocking drought. David learns about an old aboriginal elder that was attacked by a huge boar, it killed both his dogs and then attacked the old man, tearing up his legs, his hand and even his neck with its tusks. The old man nearly died from his wounds. David then turns his attention to trying to hunt down the dangerous boar. The film is not for children as it features David hunting boars with dogs and knife, a bow and a rifle. 


4- Wild Boars of the Australian Back

This film includes David working with Aboriginals in outback nsw controlling feral pig numbers and bow hunting in the wetlands of Cape York. It also includes some amazing Snake encounters.


5-  Australian Safari

The film took nearly two years to make. It’s was shot in many locations around Australia including Deserts, Wetlands, The Tropical North, Mountain Ranges, Outback NSW, Cape York and the Great Barrier Reef. David encounters a huge diversity of animal life including Snakes, Monitors, Scrub Bulls, Wild Boars, Crocodiles, Manta Rays and Whales. 

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